Sunday, July 18, 2010

lake cumberland-bella joy's first vacation!

since february we've been planning our long weekend trip to lake cumberland. you see, my daddy turned 50 in february and we wanted to do something extra fun to celebrate! so we waited until their shutdown from work and planned our little family vacay. we had so much fun!
bella "kayaked" with her daddio!
my sister's little fam and my little fam in lake cumberland.
bebe and her girls!
poppy and his girls at the hatchery.

our happy little family!
we had a really fantastic house with a beautiful lake view. we kayaked/canoed, swam, played games, and ate some delicious food a la daddy (my daddy is a PHENOMENAL cook!). all in all, i think b's first vacation was a big hit! i wonder what her next vacay will be!?


the Hughes' said...

cincy didnt count? Not long enough I guess. I think her next vacay should include Auntie Manda and Uncle Andrew!

Stuart Borders said...

All I am saying is that Adam totally looks like he is sitting in a studio in that first picture. The woods look like a back drop.

sarahe said...

so fun! i always loved going to fish hatcheries when i was little :) glad you had such a fun time!

Jessica said...

What kind of float is that, supporting her so well at 4 months? I'll need one of those next summer :)