Friday, July 23, 2010

the big day

we started our day at 515 am. i rolled out of bed. i pumped, packed b's diaper bag, packed bottles and accessories into the pump and then got myself ready. we were out the door at 6. adam drove his car into town and his sister amanda, bella, and i rode together. we didn't really say much on the way. when we got to the hospital, we checked in and waited. they called us back pretty quickly. they brought us a teenie tiny hospital gown, check b's heart and temperature. and then we waited some more. we played. we sang. we bounced. pastor jason came in and prayed with us and encouraged us. adam noticed that b's hospital gown said "soooooooooo big!" all over it so we sang "my God is so big" as a family. when my mom and dad arrived, we were still waiting for someone to come and talk to us. b started to get fussy, but thankfully i was able to get her to sleep.
after lots of about 805 (surgery was supposed to start at 8) dr. sims came in and asked if we had any questions. we didn't. then the nurse came back in. then the anesthesiologist. we asked him a couple of questions and then they took my sleeping baby girl from me. i cried. when we got back to the waiting room we had two sweet friends from church waiting with amanda (thank you lisa and irene!). it was wonderful to have people there to talk to. if it would have just been adam and me, we would have cried together until they told us our girl was out. we had probably been waiting for about 15 minutes when the sweet volunteer called us to the phone. dr. sims was on the line. he told me that she was out and doing great. he did give her two stitches just to hold the cut. he said that in cases like this he likes to do stitches so that the tongue doesn't just grow back to where it was. he told me that b had 1 1/2 to 2 cm of extension. we sat down and gave everyone the scoop. and i called my sis. then we waited a little longer. eventually a nurse came to get us and we rushed back to the room only to find that it was empty! so we waited some more. :) when they brought us our baby girl she wasn't really crying. when she saw our faces, she smiled and i cried again. i took her and gave her her bottle.
while i was giving her her bottle i noticed blood coming out and i flipped out and cried some more. the nurse assured me that she was fine and she sucked down nearly 6 ounces of breast milk like it was her job!

after she finished her bottle, she smiled and talked to us as if nothing had changed. (minus the occasional blood coming from her mouth).
we love our baby girl so much!

my dad works nights. he got home at about 4am and he and mom left for bg at 5 am. they arrived at about 730 and left at about 915. my dad is at work tonight too. talk about an awesome bebe and poppy/mom and dad!!!!
after mom and dad left, b spit up some nasty bloody milky stuff. the nurse again assured us that she was fine. adam left for work at about 930 and amanda, b, and i were back in alvaton by 1030.
b has had a great day. she is eating (from at bottle still at this point) like a champ. it is VERY hard to keep a 4 month old from putting her hands in her mouth. she has had a little more bleeding this evening, but over all she is doing wonderfully!
we are so thankful that our God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty-there's nothing our God can not do!


sarahe said...

so happy that it went smoothly! hugs and prayers for you all!

sabrina said...

Yay foR evertything going as planned! Praying for click healing and better nursing for you!

Jessica said...

I am so glad that she did so well...that they both did so well! I think the Mommies were a mess, and they were just CHAMPS!

emily jochim said...

jessica, i totally agree! i was a mess when they took her from me...a mess when they brought her back...and then a mess again when i was giving her her bottle and she was bleeding. but she was a super CHAMP! it was actually kind of funny friday night when she would be bleeding a little more and be smiling with blood coming out of her mouth....gross but funny. she is a trooper and jj is too!