Thursday, July 15, 2010

4 months!

somehow, my baby girl is already 4 months old! my my the time flies. we started the morning right by taking bella joy's monthly shot with her moose! she is so much fun.

this week she started sleeping in her crib. she usually wakes us with cries, but this morning at about 515 we started to hear some jabbers in the monitor. she never cried. at about 545 adam went in to check on her. and she was turned sideways in her crib and was about to roll over! yes, about to ROLL OVER! she is getting so big so fast!

at 4 months, bella is wearing mostly 3 months clothing. she can sometimes wear things that are 3-6 months. she is starting to love toys. she especially loves her rhino lovey, her eric carle ladybug, her letter links, her purple eared moose, and her crinkley lion. she smiles all the time. she laughs once in a while. and boy is she a jabber box!

bella joy, we love you so much! happy 4 months baby girl!

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sarahe said...

so sweet! i can't believe how big she is already!