Wednesday, March 9, 2011

treasuring God in our traditions: Easter

lent. i guess it starts today. i've never understood the "i'm giving up ____ for lent" thing. i've heard many. facebook. gum. ice cream. eating sweets. tv. etc. etc. i've never stopped and asked a person, why? why are you giving up whatever it is that you are giving up for lent? until the other day.

you see, i've had "treasuring God in our traditions" by noel piper on my to read list since before we were expecting bella joy. i've read bits and pieces, but never the whole thing from front to back. a few days ago, i opened it to the section on easter...since easter is the next holiday that we want to intentionally celebrate as a family. i wanted take from her ideas and see what she had to say in general. and i am so glad that i did.

"lent comes from an Old English word that means lengthen, signifying that the days are getting longer because spring is here. among many Christians, lent has come to mean the pre-easter season that begins on ash wednesday.
traditionally lent is a season of sober, realistic reflection on our own lives and our need for a Savior. it is a time for turning away from anything that has kept us from God and for turning or returning to him. it is a time to pray that God will renew our love for Him and our dependence on Him." page 93-treasuring God in our traditions
she goes on to talk about how many people choose to fast from things that distract them from God.
now many would argue that it shouldn't take a single holiday for us to turn to God or to depend on Him. but lets be honest, in our lives, there are many many distractions! facebook, tv, magazines, friends, kids, husbands, blogs :). i think it is a wonderful idea to fast from these things to redirect your focus. but i think it is lame to say "i'm giving up _____ for lent" just because thats what you do during lent. why give something up for no reason? or just because?
so in thinking of what often distracts me, to the point of satan using it to feed me lies, several things came to mind. tv. blogs. facebook. and that is just 3. and my decision for the easter season was to remove the facebook app from my phone and also to remove words with friends from my phone. this may end at the end of april. it may stay this way forever. i may decide that i like my life with way way less facebook so much that i never look at it again. or i may put the app back on my phone having learned a whole stinking lot about boundaries.
i am not doing this to say "look at me, look at me!" that is the LAST thing that i want! i am doing this to say "emily, look to Jesus. your Savior. His sacrifice. reflect. seek Him first. not facebook. not the biggest loser. not words with friends. not some blog. seek HIM first."
now, when you see me on facebook-don't think that i have given up and given into temptation. i am not ridding my life completely of facebook (for reasons that will be revealed in the next week or so). but since i have a beautiful (almost) 1 year old filling my days, i won't be chronically checking it via my phone, but will only look at it when she is sleeping, if then.
how will you remember Christ and His sacrifice this easter season? does your family have any fun ways that you celebrate intentionally?


Brittany said...

I deleted FB from my phone after Christmas for the same reasons. It was refreshing and I felt strangely FREE. I was letting it distract me and it was somewhere that I went and didn't even realize I was doing it SO much.

I'm like you - I think I'll do the same. Off my phone it goes! :) And hopefully my eyes will read more of His word that silly statuses!

sabrina said...

This explains the sudden resigning! Ha! I was wondering... You go girl, I hope it's a great time of reflection for you. And now I am very interested in the reasons you'll see next week part...

Kristin Bridgman said...

Google Easter Story Cookies...
we did this when our kids were little and they loved it!
(This is just a shortened version...)

It's cookies you make and put into a warmed oven that you turn off. They seal the oven with tape and go to bed. The next morning the oven is opened and inside are the cookies, BUT when they take a bite, the cookie is hollow...nothing inside.

The recipe will tell you to read the easter story to them in stages as they make the cookie dough, put in the oven, and you finish the next morning when you take the cookies out and the kids discover they are empty inside :)