Wednesday, March 2, 2011


our sweet nearly one year old was diagnosed with rsv on monday. oh my, i have never seen anything so pitiful. i don't know if you remember that she pretty much cried constantly her first 4 months of life, but the past few days, seeing her this way has been the hardest part of mommyhood yet. we've done lots of snuggling and napping together, which i absolutely love, but i think i will love it more when she is back to her happy giggly self!

anyway, i'm not thankful for sickness. not even a little. but i am so thankful for my awesome hubby during this sickness (and always really). we have been taking turns getting up with her at night, when he really could just make me do it every time. as soon as he gets home from work, he jumps in and helps with boo. last night when we put sweet baby girl to bed, we started watching biggest loser and my awesome husband went into the kitchen and made pumpkin muffins for our breakfast this week (because i haven't had time to do any baking with a baby that doesn't want to be put down). i told him that i could do it, and he insisted that he wanted to do it for me. what an awesome hubby and daddy. we love him! :)

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sarahe said...

poor little one! so glad that your hubby is such a great servant for you all!