Sunday, March 27, 2011

crafts for congo, take 2

if you are my friend on facebook, then you have already seen the additions to our crafts for congo fundraiser. additions will continue to happen and i want to keep it updated on the ol' blog too, in case any readers aren't on facebook! so far we (yes, we. adam cuts while i sew. he is an awesome husband) have made 20 shirts and lots of other goodies too! we are in awe of your generosity and God's provision. and we are trusting that He will keep on providing! if you missed the first crafts for congo post, you can find it here. now on to the crafts for congo additions!!!
this is a crayon roll-up. you can purchase one (or 5!) for $10 a pop. if you order for a boy in your life, it will come with an elastic closure instead of ribbon--you know, to man it up a bit :)

this tote can be yours for just $15. if you have a country that is close to your heart, a heart can be appliqued onto the spot where that country lives! and if you prefer a letter or a flower (or something else) let me know--we can probably make it happen! or at least we will try!

this week we have had requests for things not in the crafts for congo album/blog posts. so if you have something in mind that you do not see, let us know! we will try almost anything to get our baby in our arms faster! if you would like to order any of these things, write me on facebook or email us at!

thank you in advance for helping us meet our 2nd child!

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Brittany said...

Hey girl!

I do want one of these:) I had at first said that it could stay this fabric, but the more I look at it, the more girly it looks:) Maybe a boyish pattern!?! Just checking:)