Sunday, January 2, 2011

goodbye 2010....hello 2011!

happy new year! 2010 was so good to us. we had our first full year in our first house. we welcomed our first child. we celebrated our first niece's first birthday. we celebrated 2 years of marriage. we spent lots of fun time with friends and family! i had these great plans to make a month by month post about what we did each month with pictures and everything....but i don't know how to put the pictures in order, so it would be confusing :)

one night last week, adam and i sat and discussed our goals for 2011. we created individual and family goals. i'm hopeful that this will be a year of great growth for us and i'm hopeful that with a little accountability, i'll keep up with my goals!

family goals:
-read the Bible in a year. our awesome small group leaders got each couple in our small group and one year Bible for Christmas. so far, we haven't missed a day!
-memorize a scripture a week. operation Christmas child has a little resource that is a verse a week for the year. we are starting it now. week 1 is Isaiah 9:6. we will work on memorizing it each day this week. then next week we will get a new verse. i'm very excited about this goal.
-train for the haubstadt sommerfest 5k. 2 weeks before we found out i was pregnant with bella joy, we ran this race and i ran the whole thing without stopping! i want to be in that kind of shape again. its not til june, so hopefully thats enough time!
-intentional time at least 3 times a week. this is for adam and i. we don't have a scheduled date night. so our hope for 2011 is to spend intentional face time in real conversation with each other at least 3 times a week.
-have a monthly budget meeting. (we should have been doing this already!!!)
-daily FAMILY prayer time. (also, should have been doing this already!)
-thankful thursdays. this is in the works...but it will be dinner with a friend, couple, or family (or maybe someone we don't even know yet!) we are hopeful that this will be kind of our ministry where we can provide dinner for someone who may need it. and sometimes it will just be dinner with friends!

adam's goals:
-lead our family more effectively.
-train for a triathlon (pending finding a bike for DIRT cheap!)

emily's goals:
-read 10 books (i need to go ahead and chose those books.)
-be a more cost effective menu planner/couponer/baker. i started making adam's granola bars last year and that inspired me to want to make more things from scratch in hopes of saving money. so we no longer buy granola bars or tortillas and hope to stop buying bread in the very near future. it is also our hope to stop buying cereal (or buy it much less frequently) and have more homemade things for breakfast (eggs, waffles, granola, etc.)
-lose 25 lbs. i can't really use the excuse "i just had a baby" anymore :) she is nearly 10 months old! so starting tomorrow, i will rise at 530 and elliptical or work out some other way for at least 30 minutes each weekday. this is going to be very very difficult for me, as i love my sleep, but i know that once i get into the routine i will love it and i will have WAY more energy!

bella joy's goals:
-learn to walk.
-turn 1!
-go to story time at the library.
-associate mama and dada with the people :)
we couldn't leave boo out!

the jochims are very excited about 2011 and hope you are too! do you have any goals for 2011?!

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sarahe said...

great goals--and all attainable for sure! And if you want some books to read, I own about a billion and would be happy to let you borrow :)