Wednesday, December 15, 2010

9 months!

today my baby girl is 3/4 of a year old. 9 months has flown! it is so hard to believe that after her 9 month check up on friday, the next time we will see dr. fraser is at her ONE YEAR check up!
bella joy holding her moose.
so big!

standing in her cradle :)
at 9 months, our girl is doing new things each day. she never sits still! she is always crawling somewhere or pulling up on something. she says more sounds each day. she even knows how to click her tongue! it is the sweetest thing! she still loves her bath time more than anything. her favorite toys are her push toy, ball popper, little people nativity, and a little phone that her auntie amanda gave her as an early Christmas present. she gets super excited when you show her a picture of her self and when puppies are around. when i sign eat to her, she gets excited and smacks her lips! it really is the most amazing thing to watch her develop.
on saturday, bella's awesome "auntie" jj came to hang with her for the night while adam and i went to his work Christmas party (where we won a 32 in flat screen tv!!). she had had a rough nap day so i rocked her for a while and sang to her while she napped in my arms. as i sat and sang hymns with my girl, tears came to my eyes. i wish i could have bottled that moment up! as i sang songs of thankfulness to my awesome God, i prayed that bella joy would know Jesus and follow hard after Him. i think that 30 minutes is probably (and may always be) in my top 3 favorite moments of motherhood.
a lot has happened in our lives over the past few weeks. we grieved with some of our dearest friends as they said goodbye to their sweet baby girl. we had water issues. we lost power for 3 hours. bella joy enjoyed her first snow. and we got stranded in that same snow. God has used each of these things to show me that He is indeed in control and that in all things i must trust Him. but more on that later.
happy 9 months bella joy! we love you, more than you'll ever know!

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sarahe said...

such a precious moment! it was great to see you today--she is getting so big! looking forward to a January date :)