Monday, December 6, 2010

how God showed up

tonight i spent the evening with some other sweet momma's at our mops cookie swap. we ate cookies, chatted, and listened to the sweetest Christmas story. afterward, i took my baby-less time and headed to do our two-week grocery trip. i made it home just before 10 and when i came in, adam said "something is up with our water, it isn't clear". i immediately asked why he didn't call me since i had just been at the grocery, where i could have gotten some bottled water to make bella joy's bottles until our water is normal. adam and i debated about what to do. should i go back into town, or should we just wait til morning and call the water company. i thought that i would text my sweet friend lisa who lives less than a mile away to see if she was still up, assuming that she wouldn't be since it was about 1030 by this point. well, she called me a few minutes later and said "you will never believe this! i usually go to bed at 9 or 930 but i was up late shopping with some friends and just pulled into the driveway. i'm on my way to your house now!" a few minutes later, she pulled into our driveway. i went to the dining room to get my jacket and noticed that i could see her head lights in the garage. i was about to go to bed with the garage door opened! so i went to the door, nearly in tears, and received a wonderful gift of a nearly full case of bottled water for my baby girl.

God knew that our water was cloudy. He knew adam wouldn't call me to buy any. He knew i left the garage door opened by accident. He knew lisa had plenty of bottled water. He knew she was up later than usual. He knew she would pulled into my driveway which would show me that my garage door was still opened. God works things out. all the time, He is good.

so tonight, i am going to bed with clean water for my baby girl and closed garage door. and a thankful thankful heart.

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sarahe said...

praise the Lord! He is so good!