Saturday, August 7, 2010

happy first birthday lylah mae!

last year at this time, i was very sleepily waiting in the hospital with my mom and dad for the arrival of my very first niece! my sister had called at around 230 am to say that her water broke. a few minutes later she called back and told me not to go to the hospital yet, but i was already half way there! :) i met lara and nathan in the parking lot and walked up the labor and delivery with them. i waited. then i went to kroger to get a magazine, a sudoku book, and some disposible razors for nathan. then i waited. then mom and dad arrived and we waited together. what a wonderful day of waiting it was! when we heard brahm's lullaby play, dad and i looked at each other and cried. i'll never forget the first time i laid eyes on that baby girl! i think i was the proudest aunt ever!!!
auntie em and lylah mae just a little while after birth
lylah mae with her very first cupcake, one year later.

happy happy birthday lylah mae! you have brought so much joy to our lives this year! you make us laugh. you love your baby cousin bella! and she loves you! and i do too!