Monday, August 16, 2010

5 months!

yesterday, my sweet baby girl turned 5 months! really? already!? look how big she looks! i get weepy every time i compare her new monthly picture with her 1 month picture. she is growing so fast!

at 5 months:
  • you are wearing 3-6 month clothing, but quickly out growing the 3 months end of that because you are so long!
  • you love to play in your exersaucer!
  • you love bath time more and more each time. it is so fun to watch you splash excitedly in the water.
  • and speaking of excited, you get so excited when you see familiar faces. you get a big open mouth smile and kick your legs like crazy!
  • you make real big girls laughs.
  • you can roll over, but you don't seem to want to very often.
  • you can not sit up unassisted, but you will be soon!
  • you enjoy tummy time. you prop yourself up and often times seem as though you are going to stand on your head because your legs are so strong.
  • you put EVERYTHING in your mouth! fingers, toys, feet, other people's fingers.
  • you are nursing and being formula fed. you watch us like a hawk when we eat. don't worry baby girl, you get real food in a month!

bella boo, we love you so much! we love to watch you grow and learn. i wonder what fun new things we will get ourselves into this month!?

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sarahe said...

she's getting so big!