Tuesday, October 27, 2009

best weekend ever!

we had an awesome anniversary getaway weekend. we spontaneously decided to leave on thurday evening instead of friday morning. we got to a happy little holiday in express in newport at about 11pm. we got some rest and didn't have to wake up crazy early to drive to newport, which was great! we ate breakfast and headed to the aquarium. we had such a fun day! we made 2 good loops through the aquarium and stopped to see the piranhas, otters, and penguins eat and we fed the lorikeets (which i was not a fan of!). by 3 i was ready to leave so we headed to west chester to check into our other hotel. we ate dinner at pf changs (my favorite!) and ate a lot! lettuce wraps, sweet and sour chicken, crispy honey chicken, brown rice, and mini desserts. after dinner we made a loop through ikea (my other favorite!) and then headed back to the hotel to snuggle the night away. we caught most of juno on hbo and slept like babies again.
saturday morning we had breakfast and spent our day at ikea. we got lots of fun things for baby j and some fun things for our parts of the house too. sunday my sweet niece and her momma and daddy participated in family dedication at church so mom and dad came down and it was another great day! monday morning adam and i were so sad to leave each other after our great long weekend together. here are just a few pictures from the weekend.
our sweet little family of 3. (baby update to come...saturday hopefully, but monday at the latest)

adam's favorite part of the aquarium was the sharks...although you may not be able to tell from this picture :)

i got to pet a starfish! and sharks! but this is the starfish.

adam feeding the lorikeet. he didn't mind it. i did!

baby j's first piece of furniture! we have the room completely cleaned out now, except stuff that will be in there for him/her.


Brittney said...

I think Mark & Shannon got that chair, too! So neat! We may have to look into it since it has gotten good reviews!

Lucas Hughes said...

oh wow! look at that beautiful baby bump!
Amanda :)

Cheyenne said...

Yay! You look beautiful, Em! We have the same chair for Haddon, and I enjoyed it last night rocking and singing him to sleep. :) It's perfect for rocking/nursing. Glad you guys had a great weekend.

Natalie said...

So I'm a secret stalker of your blog but I just had to say that your baby bump is toooo cute! I hadn't seen you in a while so I was so surprised to see these pics and you look great! Hope all is well in BG...we miss you all! Oh, and happy anniversary! :)
Natalie Wellman
PS- When do you find out boy/girl??

sarahe said...

your little bump is so cute! glad that you had a great anniversary!

Shannon said...

so I just randomly clicked on your blog, and we have that same chair for our future baby!! ...even though I'm not pregnant. Ha!! It is the best chair! I love how it "bounces" instead of glides.. since babies like to be bounced more anyway. How cute!! And you are just SO cute pregnant! Do you still work at Mission Friends? I wonder if Clayton has seen you/knows that you're pregnant.. he would get a kick out of hearing that "Adam & Eve" are having a baby! :) :)