Thursday, October 22, 2009

happy (my) friday!

all week adam and i have been looking forward to this day! it is our friday for the week! tomorrow morning we will leave for our (2 week early) anniversary getaway! we are so excited to getaway from bg for a couple of days and to just be together. so tomorrow morning we will head toward cincinnati with a stop in newport to visit the aquarium. i have never in my life been to an aquarium...unless you count walking through the aquarium restaurant in nashville (which i do not). after our fun day of penguins and lorikeets and fishies of many types, we'll head to west chester and eat at pf changs and then head to our happy little room at the hampton inn. saturday morning we will wake up (without an alarm) and eat our hotel breakfast and make the .5 mile trip down the road guessed it! IKEA! :) we will get lots of happy things for our new house and for our new baby! a recap of the weekend is to come.

then next week, that is right-NEXT WEEK we find out what our baby is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pending the cooperation of baby j).


sarahe said...

so exciting!! have a great trip!

Kelsey Diane said...

have fun!! :D Hope that you have a ton of fun!