Wednesday, July 11, 2012

happy birthday baby boy

sweet micah,

in one week you will be one whole year old.  it is kind of crazy that in your first year, your mommy and daddy haven't met you but have fallen so deeply in love with you.  we are working hard and planning for your homecoming and just can.not.wait for that day to arrive!!

you have lots of friends and family who are excited to meet you too!  today our small group friends threw you a surprise party!!  baby boy, you are so loved!!  i just know you would have had so much fun at your party bouncing on mrs. jessica's furniture with your big sis (even though mommy would have continually asked you to stop too :)).  it was such a sweet time to celebrate your precious life, but also hard because we want so badly for you to be here with us!  but we know without a doubt that God's timing is perfect and He will bring you home to us at the perfect time!

you even got gifts at your first birthday party!  you have probably never been given a present, but you got several today-and trust me, your big sis LOVED helping mommy open them!  (she will undoubtedly want to help you open them at your 2nd birthday party too!).  i can't wait to share them with you!  mrs jenni also made you a cake!  and oh boy will you love her cakes!  it was a dinosaur cake perfect for a one year old!  if you were already home, mommy would have made you a cute little dino shirt to wear too, but that will have to wait until next year :)  all of your best buds were there:  zoey & evie jo, nolan, cam, avery, makena, and anne-kelly & cora (we missed beckett!  he is your bud too!)  nolan, cam and beckett feel quite out numbered and are so ready to have another boy to play with!  get ready!!

precious boy, we are coming to get you soon!  and we will have a lifetime to make up for being away during your first year.  God has big plans for you, and though we may not understand this part of the plan, we are confident that He will do a mighty work in you and through you!

Happy Birthday precious one!  We love you!!
Daddy, Mommy, & big sis Bella Joy :)

**this was written 2 weeks ago but didn't post.  since then, micah turned one and he passed court!!  he is officially a Jochim!  more to come :)

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Brooke said...

Woo hoo!! That is awesome!! :)