Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cumberland Falls

A few weeks ago, we took our first on our own-more than a weekend-vacation since our honeymoon, our first since Bella Joy was born. Several months ago, we found a groupon for Cumberland Falls State Resort. We did a little research, asked our friends JJ & Nathan if they would want to vaca with us and booked it! My oh my we were excited!!!

We left on a Friday afternoon (B must have sensed our excitement because she didn't sleep at all on the way there!!!)

So here is a recap of our trip!

B's first glimpse of the falls-she was pretty in awe!

A little relaxation time with my girl :)

Our first hike to eagle falls was a tough one, but it was fun and worth it!! B loved riding on daddy's back!


My handsome hubby and beautiful girl stop for a snack :)

Hiking on mommy's back :)

Swimming and snacking

Listening to some live music with daddy.

Leo had to go on our last hike with us :)

We had a great trip!! We can't wait to take a day trip back with our sweet boy!

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