Friday, August 19, 2011

fundraiser friday!

so i pretty much stink at weekly blog ideas...but i'm not giving up! so here we are for another fundraiser friday!!!

today i want to bring to your attention an extra-special-to-me fundraiser! it is extra special because it will help bring my niece home!

yesterday my sister and Lylah came to our house to play and as Lylah was walking around talking on the (play) phone, i asked her who she was talking to. she said "Lydia"! she talks about her sister all the time and when you ask her "where is Lydia?" she knows the answer is "Africa". oh how i long for her to be able to answer "in our room!"

anyway, check out my sister's blog to see how you can help bring Lydia home! on september 11th, Lara and Nathan will be having an adoption cook out. in conjunction with the cook out they are having a raffle with all kinds of great prizes! so even if you live out of town and can't come to the cook out, you can still have a chance to get in on the fun! if you would like to get tickets, tell me--or email/facebook message my sister!

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