Monday, July 25, 2011

things are changing

I have been challenged lately to really focus on my priorities and shift them to match what God desires them to look like. I am thankful.

One of my priorities is being a blessing to our family financially. I am responsible for grocery shopping in our home and I am doing my best to get great deals by shopping sales and couponing. I have gotten some bargains in the past couple of months including free pasta, free canned tomatoes, free BBQ sauce, free dish soap, free toothpaste, nearly free shampoo and body wash as well as many other items. Well today I got some deals for my new business! That's right, another way I am hoping to bless our family financially is by being a thirty-one consultant! (my website is I am so so excited about this opportunity and will blog more about it soon! But now for my deals!

First I went to walgreens. Here you see 10 folders, 1 box of 24 crayons, an index card holder and 2 packs of 10 pens. I got all of this for 1.87. (pens and folders are for business).

Next stop was staples! You see 10 folders, a 7 pack of pens, 2 2 packs of sharpies, a 500 pack printer paper, and a sliding pencil case. My total after sales and rebates was 1.60!!! Talk about a deal!

Expect some other fun new things here at jochimsjoys coming soon!


mporter4 said...

You are awesome.

Lucas and Amanda Hughes said...

You need to help me shop! Wow, that's amazing. Can I be your apprentice?