Saturday, June 25, 2011


Upon discovering two awesome blogs this week, I got the sewing itch!

The first project I discovered was a denim skirt made from a men's button up shirt. I recalled one that Adam had gotten from work and never worn and after asking his permission, I cut in! It's a cute little skirt but I want to replace the buttons and would really like to try it with a men's khaki shirt.

Next I found a tutorial for a jersey skirt. I changed a few details of it but kept it mostly the same.

After 2 skirts I wanted to tackle a top so into my closet I went. I found a long sleeved shirt that I got from target years ago and cut the sleeves off. Then I followed the instructions to turn the sleeves into a ruffle. I love this top!

Finally I repurposed a tshirt and a strapless dress into a cutie ruffle top dress with a red belt! I even had Adam take a corny picture of me modeling it :)

***the 2 blogs are and

****I need to take before pictures too!


sabrina said...

Wow girl- those are cute!!!!

Brittany said...

WOW! WOW! I'm sooooo impressed ! You are seriously talented!