Monday, September 12, 2011

dollar general market: my take on it

last week I got a sales flier in the mail for dollar general market. I briefly looked it over and saw a few deals so I thought I would see how much further dgm is from my house than my usual grocery buying places. then I looked closer at the flier and noticed two things: 1) the sales were for the dgm in scottsville 2) there was a $5 off a $20 purchase coupon. so I was back to mapping the distance. the scottsville store is only a mile or 2 farther from my house in distance but with zero stop lights and almost no traffic, I thought it must be faster. so this morning b and I took a little cruise to the big city of scottsville!

here are my observations:
1) as far as time is concerned, this is where it's at! I got to and from my location quicker and was able to make it through the store faster because there were very few people there!
2) the employees were SUPER friendly and helpful! I can not say the same for all of the stores we frequent.
3) produce was priced very well!! avocados were 85 cents each which is a steal people! (they are 1.66 at kroger this week).
4) as far as healthy choices go, they have no whole grain pastas or tortillas. they did not have fat free or low fat cheese, sour cream, or cream cheese. they did have whole grain bread, but it wasn't as cheap as Aldi's. (I make our bread so this doesn't matter for us, but it might for you!)
5) they did have nutella!!! and they have more name brand items as well (tide, charmin, big brand foods, etc). I got 12 pack angel soft tp for 4 bucks. I call that a good deal! As far as prices of other things, there were several really great deals and everything that wasn't over the top awesome was comparable to aldi or walmarts prices. I did pass up a couple of things that are cheaper at kroger this week because of sales.

All in all, I'm loving the scottsville dollar general market! This will become a regular in our grocery repertoire! Especially if the keep sending $5 coupons!!

Oh, and they DO accept manufacturer coupons!


Emily said...

My parents love that place! :)

dwangraham said...

Quick question.....did they allow you to use both the $5 off coupon along with manufacture coupons? The DG just a few miles from me will not let me do that:( I worked at the hospital in Scottsville this morning!:)