Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh the places i've worked

my friends jenny and sabrina did this and i wanted to too. my momma and daddy taught me early about responsibility and being on time for said responsibility. so i started working early. here goes my resume from start to finish.

1. at 14 (the summer after my freshman year of high school) i started my first job in the picnic grove at Holiday World. it was weekends only and we served food to companies who would have their picnics in the park. i also got to dress as holidog for this job....yes, holidog.

2. after my summer in the picnic grove i got a job at a local grocery store, noble's iga. i worked there through my sophomore year. it was fun except the time i minor came through my line to buy cigarettes and she looked like 30 so i sold them to her and it turns out it was staged and the police came in and i got fined. i cried a lot.

3. summer after my sophomore year i headed back to holiday world & splashin' safari to be a lifeguard. it was super fun. i worked with 2 of my best friends, emily and allison krueger and when they wanted to send someone home, the three of us always volunteered and then went and jumped of the rope into the lake/pond of emily's boyfriend at the time.

4. august of junior year-summer after senior year i worked at a precious little drive-in restaurant in tell city called the frostop. it was awesome! i worked there with a different best friend, kathryn. we got to eat whatever we wanted and they made their own root beer, that i sometimes dream about. (oh yeah, the place doesn't exist anymore...well the building does, but it is no longer open for business.)

5. during the summers i also had the joy of "babysitting" 2 awesome girls that probably could have taken care of themselves, trisha and bailey. they had a great house with a pond and go-karts and their mom always got us season passes to holiday world. so it was really like hanging out and playing with my friends.

6. my freshman year at wku i worked at the phonathon. i did not like this job. you had to call alumni and ask for money. i ended up getting my middle school guidance counselor once, which was awkward. i quit after 6 days...which was hard cause my cousin was my boss.

7. the summer after my freshman year of college i moved home(ish) to evansville and lived with my bf from high school, kathryn. we worked at outback steakhouse and i also worked at....

8. the buckle. it was commission based, and i don't do well with pressuring people to buy $90 i lasted about a month.

9. my sophomore year of college i became a resident assistant in barnes campbell hall (before it was only for boys). i loved it and i hated it. some of my residents were fantastic. yes, i was the ra of allison tamme, wife of colts football player jacob tamme. i also had fantastic co-workers. and my own room, which was fun too!

10. the summer after my sophomore year of college i headed to santa cruz california for summer project with campus crusade for christ. while there i worked at the santa cruz beach boardwalk as a gamer. that's what we called ourselves anyway. i was the person that let you play the boardwalk games. i could see the beach and the ocean from my post and it was glorious. maybe my favorite job just because of my surroundings.

11. when i came home from california it was back to wku to work in the housing department but this time as a desk clerk. i worked as a desk clerk in gilbert hall from august of 04-december of 05.

12. during my senior year (november 05) i got a job at kids world 2 childcare, a daycare in bowling green. i worked there through the summer after graduation until september 06.

13. while still working at kids world i started working at tc cherry elementary school as an instructional assistant. i was the lady with the arts grant so i taught arts & humanities and spanish k-4. yes, i, the girl who has never taken a spanish class in her life, taught spanish.

14. while working at tc cherry and kids world, i also worked at the children's place in the mall. again for like a month. i quickly discovered that i could not work 3 jobs at once.

15. i left tc cherry planning to go back to school and spent the summer in niger, west africa. and when i returned summer 07, i worked for exactly 1 month at specific chiropractic. this was a great job, but only part time so it didn't pay a single girls bills.

16. i left specific chiropractic for a full time with benefits job at pennyrile allied community services nutritional outreach and wholeness program. here i got to work with 2 of my best friends, jj and carly (but carly only stayed for about 4 months). i taught nutrition in schools mostly in barren and hart counties, but we covered a 10 county area.

17. in april 09, i left pacs to work for lhbc as the assistant to the next generation pastor. what a great place, to work amongst believers. the plan was to work here for at least 3 years until the babies started coming.

18. but then while at middle school camp, i found out i was expecting and quickly realized that my time at lhbc would be short, and in just 6 short weeks, i will be a stay at home momma. i can't wait to meet my baby girl!

19. i also did childcare at lhbc throughout college.

20. and i've also done private babysitting, house cleaning and dog sitting for some folks...well babysitting for lots of folks, house cleaning for 1 lady, and dog sitting for like 3 people.

wow. thats a lot! 20 jobs in 11 years. holy moly, that makes me look bad. how about you? have your worked anywhere cool or horrible?!

**i do think its hilarious that i have worked at 2 amusement parks. that's all. :)


sabrina said...

i love hearing about everyones work history! yours is especially eventful! haha!

i didnt know you were going to be a SAHM, congrats!

sarahe said...

congrats on being a SAHM!! that is awesome! I also worked at LHBC doing childcare for a while...seems like a lot of us did that lol!

Ashley said...

Uh, how have I never heard the cigarette-police-setup story? That made me laugh a lot.

天氣晴朗 said...
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