Wednesday, December 23, 2009

glucose screening

i'm 27 weeks today! yesterday i had my glucose screening (a pre-test to check for gestational diabetes). dr. d's office just called and let me know that mine came back a little high. so now monday i will return to dr. d's office for a glucose tolerance test. this test lasts 3 hours. when i arrive at 830 (after fasting since midnight) they will take my blood once. then i drink a magic potion. then i wait an hour and have my blood taken again. then i wait another hour and have it taken again. and then i wait yet one more hour to have it taken again! please pray that this crazy long test provides us with happy non-gestational diabetes results.

after dr. d's nurse called, i read a little about the test and the "disease" and when it said something about y0ur body not producing enough insulin (which i guess i should have known!) i thought...i wonder if there is a corelation....gestational diabetes and pcos?! i haven't found a definite answer, so if you know, i'd love for you to share your wisdom! and if you failed your glucose screening and had to go onto the glucose tolerance test, i'd love to know that too!


Blake said...

I have 2 experiences with this:

1st w/ Layton: passed the one hour

2nd time w/ this baby: passed the 3 hr, failed the first one by 9 points.

You'll be fine, most everyone passes the second one. Don't worry!

I don't know about the connection between PCOS and GD....but like I said, enjoy your holiday and Monday, everything will be ok.

TAKE A BOOK TO READ!!!!!!!!! You'll definitely be BORED!!!

Blake said...

I posted as Blake, but it's Brittany

Brittany said...

Hey girl!

Just a little FYI:

Since I went private with my blog, it will no longer update on your side bar when I have a new post. Therefore, just click on "Treasuring the Little Things" to see the latest post.

One of the downsides of "privacy"!

Have a good 1st week in 2010!